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Welcome to BlackLine Tactical, Check out our new Facebook group Blackline Tactical Sales & Waffles for Updates, GiveaWays, Forums, Used Gear Sales, Gear Reviews, and much more.

Head on over to the BrotherHood Subscription for access to the BlackLine BrotherHood.

BlackLine BrotherHood Members get exclusive access to Special Discounts, Exclusive Groups, Exclusive Member Chats, & Exclusive Products made just for BrotherHood Members plus more. 

New to Blackline BrotherHood, Now BrotherHood members get exclusive discounts to partnered websites and custom maker's Etsy & Big cartel stores.

BrotherHood Exclusive Discounts on:

Triarii Metalworks

HBG Hanks

To get a peek in to what is going on in the BrotherHood take a look at the forums where you will find some chat and pictures of what we have to offer. Keep in mind what you see in the forums is just a teaser, To access everything we are offering you must sign up for a subscription! 

Featured picture by John Datel #13





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