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  • Low profile frame
  • Clear, Smoke, and vermilion lenses
  • Microfiber pouch
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Strap
  • Hard case
  • 2-pair lens pouch
  • Anti-fog wipe
  • Made in the USA


Shadowstrike sunglasses have a sharp, geometrical wraparound design that provides unobstructed field-of-vision and ballistic protection for fast-paced tactical, special ops, and military operations. Angular frames and a tighter curvature give this line a distinctive look while maximizing protection—fitting squarely, securely, and comfortably at all times. With optical-grade, polycarbonate lenses, Shadowstrike sunglasses provide the impact resistance Revision eyewear is known for, exceeding U.S. military eyewear ballistic requirements. Shadowstrike sunglasses feature a novel nosepiece mechanism that makes changing out the dual lenses quick and easy. And, this eyewear provides ultraviolet protection and has Revision’s OcuMax Plus coating, preventing the close-fit sunglasses from fogging in the heat of the mission. KIT INCLUDES: Low profile frame, Clear, smoke and vermillion lenses, Microfiber pouch, Microfiber cloth, Strap, Hard case, 2-pair lens pouch, Anti-fog wipe.

Shadowstrike Ballistic Sunglasses Deluxe Shooters Kit

SKU: 810043721509
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