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Mission Statement

The 55SIX vowed to protect our nation and constitutional government as founded by our forefathers. As a 55SIX member, Patriots and citizens of this great country, we shall support a non-tyrannical government, it’s governing body, constitutional militia and constitutional law enforcement agency.

It is important to make a distinction between our group and radical groups. Many embrace an armed and aggressive philosophy such as militias. Most are more concerned with tactical matters without regard for the safety and integrity of communities. Some even operate with a passive disregard for the law. We do not and will not affiliate with such groups or individuals.

We are dedicated to the preservation of our constitution, our nation, and her people. In a crisis, that is our mission. We will take the steps necessary to protect those in our charge who cannot protect themselves. Force will always be our last option. We are a defensive force dedicated to the preservation and restoration of our society once the crisis or danger has passed.


We stand by the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America, and lawful government derived there from. In the face of tyranny or a threat to the lawful government, we are pledged to rise in our country ‘s defense.

We will help our local and national charities and organizations through member donations & time, provide education on survival, communication, physical fitness and readiness. We are here to strengthen our communities and create a stronger future for our nation.


As patriots and citizens, we believe that we have an obligation, if necessary, to back up constitutional patriots in situations where they are under threat. We are committed as a state to family, community, the people who are part of them, and to the solidarity of all those who are part of our society.


We believe the public has a right to feel that we who have pledged to protect them are sincere and are willing to embrace them and their leaders to demonstrate our sincerity.


We are law abiding Patriots, veterans, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters of the great United States of America. We organize and operate within the Constitutional law. We believe in freedom and liberty. We believe in God and country. To this cause we pledge ourselves.


The 55SIX Organization, Developed and backed by BlackLine Tactical & The BLBH. We will be setting up local events and sponsored events all around the country. We are also working with small and large charities that help women, children, families, our communities, wounded and disabled military personnel, motorcycle riders, first responders and so on. We are also here to help our members, families, and neighbors, from infringement on our basic rights as American citizens, through knowledge & education, survival skills, physical fitness and any legal actions that may be available to us. We will rise above, come together, and push through as one. WE ARE THE PEOPLE! This Organization is not, and I repeat, is not an anti-government organization, but a community based organization looking out for our best interests.

All upcoming events will be posted on the website.
If you have any questions or would like to help setup an event in your area please send an email to


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