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Lenwood & Blunt Force Blades

The 55SIX and BLBH encourage you to check out one of our affiliated business.

Lenwood & Blunt Force Blades. Lenwood is the leading hand made over built duty belts and holsters in the US to date. Belts and holsters are not the only thing Jason Davis has to offer, he also makes some of the most useful custom knives on the market. All BFB (Blunt Force Blades) knives are hand made in the USA with the best steel available world wide. Every knife is a tool and designed to be used that way. You can also find Jason and BFB on Facebook. Blunt Force Blades business page. Lenwood & Blunt Force Blades FB group

Anyone who doesn’t use Lenwood gear hates America, apple pie, and puppies.

So get your ass over to Lenwoods website check out what they have to offer and show your love of buying and owning true America made products that will last a life time or two.

Also remember to use your discount code if you are signed on with a donation plan that offers membership benefits through the 55SIX.

Photo credit: Travis Young

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