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QUICKSURVIVE All-Purpose Waterproof Fire Starters - Survival Fire Starters for Campfires, Wood, Fire Pit, Fireplace, Charcoal, & More - All-Weather, Non-Combustible, and Waterproof - 12 Piece Bag



  • OVER 750 DEGREES FOR UP TO 10 MINUTES - QUICKSURVIVE fire starters provide up to 10 minutes of fire at temperatures of over 750 degrees. Perfect for survival situations, camping, fire pits, charcoal grilling, fireplaces, and more. Starters will light if lit directly or if struck with a magnesium flint striker
  • ALL-WEATHER AND WATERPROOF STARTERS - QUICKSURVIVE fire starter packs are 100% waterproof both inside and outside of the pack. Each pouch can light even if frozen, so you can quickly and easily start a fire in windy, rainy, or damp conditions. Dry out damp wood for long-lasting fires in any condition.
  • LONG-LASTING, 30-YEAR SHELF LIFE - Each pouch has a long-lasting 30-year shelf-life, making them perfect for travelers, campers, outdoor enthusiasts, survival situations, emergency kits, and more. Store safely and securely over the long term without worrying about expiration dates.
  • SAFE BOTH INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE - Each pouch is designed for safe use in both indoor and outdoor environments. QUICKSURVIVE pouches are non-combustible and will not light unless exposed to a direct flame. Enjoy quick and easy fire starting for fire pits, fireplaces, grill charcoal starter solutions, the campfire grill, and more.
  • THE MOST COST-EFFECTIVE FIRE-STARTING SOLUTION - With 12 QUICKSURVIVE fire starter pouches in each canister, QUICKSURVIVE is the most convenient and cost-effective fire-starting solution. Enjoy quick, safe, and convenient fire starting with QUICKSURVIVE waterproof fire starters.

12 PIECE FIRE STARTER (Quicksurvive)

$12.99 Regular Price
$9.74Sale Price
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